Northtech NT-DTM16M Manual Dovetailer

New Northtech Manual Dovetailer With A 1HP Motor. Machinery Associates is a full line Northtech Dealer.

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Dovetail Machinery

Manufacturer: Northtech
Model: NT-DTM16M
Condition: New
Electric: 120/240 Voltage 60 Cycle 1 Phase
Northtech Dovetailer


Spindle motor: 1HP

Min. workpiece size: 2.4" x 7.9"

Max. workpiece size: 16.5" x 59"

Min/Max dovetail height: 0.2" ~ 7.1"

Min/Max front thickness: 0.28" ~ 2.36"

Min/Max side thickness: 0.28" ~ 3.6"

Number of spindles: 1

Spindle speed: 18,500RPM

Dovetail spacing: 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5"

Table height from floor: 46.5"

Pneumatic clamps to securely hold workpiece, individually operated

Heavy steel base with cabinet door

Tenon and mortise adjustment depth based on material thickness

Comes with one four-sided template for different pitched dovetails (1", 1.5", 2", 2.5")

UL/CE certified electrical components

Air pressure required: 6 bar

Dust port (1) 4" requiring 436CFM @ point of extraction and
(1) 2-1/2" requiring 245CFM @ point of extraction

(1) Tool box

Warranty is one year parts

Shipping Footprint: 43 (length) x 30 (width) x 66 (height)
Weight: 600 lbs
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