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2012 Biesse Skipper V31 Vertical Machining Center

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CNC Router (3-axis)

Point to Point

Manufacturer: Biesse
Model: Skipper V31
Year of Manufacture: 2012
Condition: Very Good
Electric 230 volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase



CNC panel machining centre - ‘X’ working field 2500 mm, ‘Y’ working field 900 mm.

The machine is equipped with 10 vertical independent spindles, 6 horizontal independent spindles and a grooving saw unit in ‘X’ direction (BH17).


(min.-max. dimensions)

Length - X 200 -     2500 mm

Width -   Y 70 -      900 mm

Thickness - Z  10 -      70 mm

Working table height from floor: 700 - 750 mm


In order to guarantee the operator’s safety the machine is equipped with a protection system by carters to restrict the access to the working area.

The system is in conformity with the safety requirements of the EC regulation 2006/42/EC.


The machine bed is made by a vertical beam on which the operating unit with independent spindles is installed, an horizontal beam on which the positioning group for the panel X movement and the supporting worktables are installed.


Slidings on prismatic guides and recirculating runners for  X, Y and Z axes.

The vertical and horizontal beams are both equipped with a rack with inclined teeth for a high-precision transmission by grinded pinion.


The machine is equipped with a positioning group for the panel X movement by a pneumatic gripper. The group is installed on the horizontal beam (max. stroke 1000 mm), it is started by the numerical control and is managed by automatic multiple positionings of the gripper to guarantee all the panel workings.


The panel pre-positioning in X direction (lengthwise positioning) is performed on the machine LH area and it takes place through 1 stop placed in fixed position on the LH side of the main worktable;  a laser photocell automatically reads the X panel reference (origin);  in addition the same photocell measures the real panel length.

The panel reference in Y direction is performed on a bottom roller way.


The operating unit is composed of 10 vertical independent spindles, 6 horizontal independent spindles and 1 grooving saw unit diameter 120 mm.

The configuration of the operating unit is the following:

  • 10 vertical independent spindles positioned at 32 mm center distance, designed with grub-screw spindle coupling, of which:
    • 5 spindles aligned in ‘X’ direction - “System 32”,
    • 5 spindles aligned in ‘Y’ direction;
  • 6 horizontal independent spindles positioned in X and Y directions, designed with grub-screw spindle coupling, of which:
    • 4 spindles positioned in ‘X’ direction (no. 2 units with double outlet),
    • 2 spindles positioned in ‘Y’ direction (no. 1 unit with double outlet);
  • 1 Grooving Saw Unit diameter 120 mm, RH rotation - Fixed working direction in 'X'.

 Main specifications:

    • Saw diameter mm 120; max. working depth 25 mm;
    • Saw cutting thickness 4 mm;
    • RH tool rotation; tool fastening through screws;
    • Vertical pneumatic movement.

The operating unit is prearranged for the installation of the electrospindle.


The main worktable is fixed and positioned in the centre of the machine supporting the panel during the working operations; the worktable structure is particularly rigid and its surface is covered by material with the lowest friction factor.

The sliding tables, the LH loading table and the RH unloading one, are both equipped with rollers for the panel lengthwise X movement.

The tables are inclined of 5 deg. to allow an ergonomic and safe loading operation.


The machine control and management are made up by a PC equipped with a new generation Control PC system.

The PC and the control board are installed on the machine front side, in an ergonomic position for the operator.

A high-level software interface makes particularly easy and direct the machine programming and allows:

  • programming through assisted editor of profiles and borings to be performed on the panels;
  • parametric programming of the machining operations;
  • optimization of the machining operations with the automatic selection of the tools, the strokes and the routes for max. productivity;
  • graphical set-up of the spindles of the operating unit;
  • management of the tool data-base;
  • graphical representation of the panel sides and relevant machining operations;
  • automatic correction of the ‘X’ working positions according to the true dimension of the panel loaded on the machine;
  • import of DXF/CIX files;
  • on-line instructions;
  • error diagnostics with explanatory messages.

* DESKTOP PERSONAL COMPUTER with colour display LCD 19".

Operating system Windows XP Professional.

PC specifications as per current standards on the market.

* The technical data of the description can be subject to changes.


It allows an immediate and direct access to the machine numerical control. In this way it is possible to check machine data, user’s programs, input/output signals and system variables, and to install software updates.

It includes:

-           Ethernet connection card;

-           The teleservice support is free of charge for the whole warranty period.


The electric cabinet is placed on the front of the machine bed.

This solution avoids floor cables guaranteeing the easiest access to the machine and the maximum cleanness around the machine.


Transformer and electronic power supply unit for voltage  380 - 415 V (+-10%), 50/60 Hz.


            - User’s manual;

            - Manual for controller unit programming;

            - Pneumatic and wiring diagrams;

            - Spare parts catalogue

7570075          TRANSFORMER for voltages different from 380/400/415 V - 50/60 Hz

7212811          4.5 kW (6 HP) electrospindle with ISO 30 adaptor, air cooled - Controlled by Inverter.

Main specifications:

  • Power delivered from 12.000 to a 15.000 rpm in S1 duty: 4 kW (5.4 HP);
  • Power delivered from 12.000 to a 15.000 rpm in S6 duty: 4.5 kW (6 HP);
  • Rotation speed from 1.000 up to 24.000 rpm, programmable by NC;
  • Ceramic bearings;
  • RH and LH rotation;
  • For quick manual tool change;
  • Pneumatic movement through linear guide and ball runners;
  • The tool-holder and the elastic collet are not included.

 26451              RH TOOL-HOLDER WITH ISO 30 ADAPTOR

ERC 32, RH rotation Equipped with ring nut.

* For tools with cylindrical adaptor with dia. ranging from 6 to 20 mm.

* The collet is not included.

* Max. rotation speed: 24.000 rpm

26452              LH TOOL-HOLDER WITH ISO 30 ADAPTOR

ERC 32, LH rotation. Equipped with ring nut.

* For tools with cylindrical adaptor with dia. ranging from 6 to 20 mm.

* The collet is not included.

* Max. rotation speed: 24.000 rpm

3407070          ELASTIC COLLET

Diam. 12-11 mm. To be used only with ISO 30 cones ERC 32. The collet complies with din 6499 regulations.

3407067          ELASTIC COLLET

Diam. 20-19 mm. To be used only with ISO 30 cones ERC 32. The collet complies with din 6499 regulations.

7570046          AIR CONDITIONER

for electric cabinet, to protect the electric and electronic components from dust and in case the machine works in environments with a temperature higher than 45°C (113° F).

7510011          Manual Reading Laser Device for barcode labels

WI-FI connection to the machine NC

  • Incompatible with code C651 702

7530360          BIESSEWORKS - Advanced programming system - office version (2 hardware keys).

It requires the operating system Windows XP.

The graphic interface, fully compatible with the Windows standard, grants the following functions:

  • Assisted graphic editor for the programming of boring, cutting and routing operations. The Editor handles multiple documents, so it is easy to copy a machining operation from one document to another through the Windows copy/paste functions;
  • Interactive graphic views with zoom function. It is possible to select machining operations graphically and modify their technological parameters;
  • Automatic optimization of borings and tool routes;
  • Possibility of defining the work sequence with the mouse, by selecting the workings from a list;
  • Parametric programming, with the possibility of specifying the values of the parameters when a parametric program is run;
  • Import of files from CAD and other outside software systems in DXF and CID3 format. DXF files can be purely geometric or can contain all the technological parameters necessary for machining;
  • Conversion of groups of DXF and CID3 files with no need of importing them one by one (batch-run module);
  • Possibility of executing DXF and CID3 files directly;
  • Graphic configuration of machine data;
  • Tool database with search filters helping tool selection;
  • Mouse selection for operating units tooling operations;

BiesseWorks Advanced also includes:

  • Guided creation of customized parametric macros, with the possibility of recalling them through icons which can be included in the software interface;
  • 3D simulation of the tool path, to allow the operator to check on the PC the real situation on-board the machine, thus detecting of any errors in advance;
  • Approximate calculation of machining time;
  • Automatic pocketing of any shape with the possibility of leaving islands in relief at different depths.

Min. PC requirements:

-    Pentium processor 2 Ghz or equivalent.

-    512 Mb RAM (1 Gb advised).

-    1 Gb of free disk space.

-    graphic card with at least 128 Mb of RAM advised.

Shipping Footprint: 7' (length) x 8' (width) x 9' (height)
Weight: 3500 lbs
Rigger: Not Required
Required on buying end
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