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Biesse SKIPPER Feed Through BoringMachining Center

A rare machine to find on the used market, especially, late model units. The Skippers are production boosters.

MA ID: PTP-11474
Status: Sold
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General Location: Eastern Canada

Point to Point

Boring - Feed Through

Manufacturer: Biesse
Model: Skipper 100L
Year of Manufacture: 2014
Condition: Very Good
Electric multi volt, cycle, phase
Biesse SKIPPER 100L Feed-Through Machining center

Operating Units

Skipper has 78 independent spindles, 39 on the top operating unit and 39 on the bottom unit.

The two operating units are mirror-like, each with the following configuration:

29 vertical independent spindles positioned at 32 mm center distance

19 of which are aligned in X direction (“System 32”) and 10 are aligned in Y direction

8 horizontal independent spindles positioned in X direction (4 2-way units)

2 horizontal independent spindles  positioned in Y negative direction

(2) 4.8HP Electrospindles

(2) 4.4HP Grooving Saws

Front Air Floating Loading Table

RH Unloading Table w/ Conveyor Belts


PC Based Contoller

BiesseWorks Software Included

Multi-Tap Transformer

Air conditioned Control Cabinet



Panel Dimensions:

Length:              90 mm (3.5") – 3,000 mm (118") 

Width:                70 mm (2.7") – 1,000 mm (39")

Thickness:          8mm (5/16")  -    60 mm (2.4")

Shipping Footprint: Full Truck (length) x (width) x (height)
Weight: 15000 lbs
Rigger: Not Required
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