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Biesse Rover K 1532 G Machining Center

A nice Biesse Rover K Pod and rail CNC Router

MA ID: PTP-12226
Price: $75,900.00 -or- as low as $1,533.94/mo.*
General Location: South West

Point to Point

CNC Router (3-axis)

Manufacturer: Biesse
Model: Rover K 1532 G
Year of Manufacture: 2016
Condition: Very Good
Electric multi volt, cycle, phase
2016 Biesse Rover K 1532 G Machining Center


Spindle; 13.2 kW (17.7 HP) Electrospindle  with HSK tool holders

16 positions  Toolchanger

Boring Head; 16 Spindle, with Grooving saw (10 vertical; 6 in X and 5 in Y (one shared)) (6 horizontal; 4 opposing in X and 2 opposing in Y ) (Grooving Saw (120mm max)  is in X only) 

Working fields (max) ;  "X" - 126" (3,200 mm), "Y" - 61.4" (1,560 mm),
max. material thickness 6" (165 mm)

Positioning speeds (rapids) ;  "X" Axis 3348" per minute, "Y" Axis 2352" per minute, "Z" axis 780" per minute

Work Table; 6- aluminium panel supports. The supports slide on hardened and ground linear guides by means of ball runners. The locking takes place on both the front and the back linear guide, by means of 2 pneumatic cylinders, and is controlled through a push-button placed in front of the panel support





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Shipping Footprint: 1/2 truck (length) x (width) x (height)
Weight: 8000 lbs
Rigger: Not Required
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