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37" Houfek Buldog 2 Head Widebelt Sander

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MA ID: SWM-12414
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General Location: North East
Wide belt (Multi contact)

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Model: Buldog 910 RC
Year of Manufacture: 2006
Condition: Very Good
Electric 230 volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase
Houfek Buldog 910RC 2-Head Widebelt Sander

37" wide sanding capacity.

Pneumatic tension of sanding belt w/ infrared tracking sensor.

Electronic digital display on thickness

1st Head: 20hp, Calibrating roller, 6-1/4" contact drum, and equipped with 2 position pneumatic positioning located on the control panel.
2nd Head: 15hp, Combination roller with polishing platen, 6-1/4" contact drum with 2" pneumatic pad w/ air chamber(pneumatic polishing platen manually adjusted), and equipped with 2 position pneumatic positioning located on the control panel.

Electrical connection: 100amps at 230 volt, 3 phase
Dust collection: two 6" outlet, 2000cfm
Air: 4cfm at 100psi
Sanding belts: 37" x 75"
Min. thickness of work piece: 1/8"
Max. thickness of work piece: 6-1/4"
Polishing platen width: 2"
Contact drum: rubber coated, 90 durometer
Dia. of contact drums: 6-1/4"
Feed conveyer motor: 1/2 hp
Feed conveyer speed: Variable speed 10-40 ft/min
Automatic table positioner(automatic movement of table height position can be set by panel thickness with micro adjustment).

All rotating components are dynamically balanced. Electric lifting of bed on four jack screws.

Amp meter display.

Emergency safety devices.

Automatic brake for rapid shut down of the sanding head.


Shipping Footprint: 7' (length) x 6' (width) x 82 (height)
Weight: 3500 lbs
Rigger: Not Required
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