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2014 Rover K 1232 G CNC Machining Center

Check out this beautiful Biesse Pod/Rail CNC Router (Machining Center). Ready to ship!!

MA ID: PTP-12223
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General Location: South West

Point to Point

CNC Router (3-axis)

Manufacturer: Biesse
Model: Rover K 1232 G
Year of Manufacture: 2014
Condition: Very Good
Electric multi volt, cycle, phase
Biesse Rover K 1232 G CNC Machining Center


Spindle; 13kw (17+hp) HSD spindle with HSK tool holders

Tool Changer;  Revolving (Ride-along) 16 position 

Boring Head;  17 independent tools and a saw-blade for grooves in X direction on the panel top.

The head is composed of:

10 independent vertical spindles at a center-distance of 32 mm, 7 of which are placed along X and 3 along Y;

3 independent horizontal spindles with double outlet at a center-distance of 32 mm, 2 of which are placed along X and 1 along Y;

1 saw unit for grooves along X (dia. 120 mm, max. cutting depth 25 mm);

WORKING FIELD ;  X (3260 mm)  Y (1260 mm) Z (165 mm)

Z-axes stroke: 323mm (12.7”)


X-Y Vector Speed 84m/min,  X-Axis: 60m/min, Y-Axis: 60m/min, Z-Axis = 20m/min

Axes acceleration: 4m/s2

HIGH SPEED KIT  is for the improvement of the machine's performance through the modification of the transmissions and motor's power increment.

Introduction of 900W motor on X axis and 500W motor on Y and Z axes and more rigid gearboxes with reduced angular play for a faster maximum speed and improved positioning precision.

Modification of the transmission system with the introduction of a pinion with a bigger ratio to allow a smoother movement and a vibrations reduction


Work Table;

6 - ATS working tables - L = 1250 mm - 18 sliding bases

6 - Back reference stop row with 96 mm stroke

6 - Front reference stop row at 780 mm from back stops with 96 mm stroke

4 - side reference stop with 96 mm stroke (2 DX + 2 SX) including pneumatic system

VACUUM SYSTEM; 108 m3/h pump is supplied with the machine

Software included; Biesseworks 

Shipping Footprint: 1/2 truck (length) x (width) x (height)
Rigger: Not Required
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