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Interfab Aireworks 4000 CFM Dust Collector (10 HP)
Mfr: AireWorks
Year: 2015
Location: South East
Model: FX-10-4000
Condition: Good
MA ID: DCO - 13955
Nederman Dump Bin for S Series Collectors
Mfr: Nederman
Year: 2015
Model: DS89101011
Condition: Very Good
MA ID: DCO - 13811
Dustek C500 2-bag Dust Collector
Mfr: Dustek
Year: N/A
Location: North East
Model: C500
Condition: Very Good
MA ID: DCO - 13970
Used Aeroacousitc Dust Collector Silencer
Mfr: Other manufacturer
Year: N/A
Location: Atlantic
Model: 10" Silencer
Condition: Excellent
MA ID: DCO - 10030