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Makor Start-One M Spray line with Loading and Unloading

2018 Makor System. Loaded with the goodies!!

MA ID: FLA-12316
Price: $149,900.00 -or- as low as $3,029.48/mo.*
General Location: North East

Systems & Automated Lines

Manufacturer: MAKOR
Model: Start One M
Year of Manufacture: 2018
Condition: Excellent
Electric 480 volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase
Hours on meter: 1100
2018 Makor Start-One M Finish Spray Line

Reciprocating Spray Machine


Flexibility, reliability and ease of use, combined with limited operational cost and investment, enable the START-ONE to be the ideal machine for replacing a manual spray process or for finishing small series of production.

The START-ONE can be used for automatic spraying of all types of paint and glue.  In a very simple and effective way, it offers all the advantages of much more complex systems:

better utilization of coating materials (paint savings = $) uniformity of application and consistent quality increased productivity compared to a manual operator cleaner and healthier work environment


Transport System for Product Carrier Trays


transportation of work pieces is carried out using product carrier trays

product carrier trays are transported through the spray machine on two parallel chains equipped with a variable speed drive (inverter)


Product Carrier Trays


carrier trays can be covered with paper or a similar protective material, which is periodically replaced/recovered as needed to extend functional life

system is capable of handling two product carrier tray dimensions:

2440 x 1220 x 25mm (96" x 48" x 1") or 4000 x 1220 x 25mm (13' x 48" x 1")

carrier tray dimensions provide a useful working area of:

2200 x 1100mm (86-5/8 x 43-1/4") per carrier tray (26 sq. ft.) or 3700 x 1100mm (145" x 43-1/4") per carrier tray (43.7 sq. ft.)

carrier tray length and thickness can vary minimally, but width must be precise to enable proper transportation

Spraying Group

spray system is composed of one oscillating arm with an electronically controlled drive to ensure smooth movement, providing consistent application across the entire working width

entire oscillating group is connected to the frame of the machine through pads which guarantee absolute absence of vibrations, resulting in perfect paint quality on the work pieces

spray guns are attached to the oscillating arm using a quick-change gun holding plate with quick disconnects to enable fast replacement of spray guns or for switching between coating circuits; one spare holding plate included

four (4) guns can be connected to one of three (3) coating circuits

three (3) high pressure circuits with recycle for coatings one (1) high pressure circuit without return for solvent

coating circuits have return hoses for quick circuit washing and for paint re-circulation

standard supply includes two (2) gun holding plates with quick disconnection system to allow fast replacing of the spraying unit

Note: Pumps, guns and connection kit are excluded from the supply.

Ventilation System

spray booth design ensures proper control of air flow, avoiding the dispersion of

the overspray to the environment

a large dimensioned filter surface area is designed to keep exhausted particular matter (solid paint particles) in compliance with regulations

exhaust fan can be adjusted separately to ensure maximum filter efficiency accessibility is permitted from both sides of the cabin for easy maintenance

Control System

machine is managed by a PLC with a special user interface that displays and

manages all functions and working parameters in an intuitive way

a series of sensors detect the workpiece dimensions as they enter the machine to control the spray gun activation (optimize consumption of paint)

Options Included

three (3) high pressure circuits

rapid (manual) coating change-over system enables the operator to cease operation on active circuit, flush guns with solvent, activate the next circuit and then purge first circuit while machine is already in operation on the second circuit; composed of:

three (3) high pressure coating circuits with recycle (closed-loop) one (1) high pressure circuit for solvent

one (1) 5-way manual valve for active circuit selection

Technical Specifications



feed speed


1 to 4.5 m/min


(3.3 to 14.75 ft/min)


working height ±50 mm


900 mm




feed motor power


0.75 kw



reciprocator motor power


2.0 kw



exhaust air fan motor power


4.5 kw



Utility Requirements







operating voltage


480 v / 3-phase/ 60 hz



total connected load


7.0 kw







exhaust air volume


10,000 m3/hr


(5,885 cfm)


air make up required


10,000 m3/hr


(5,885 cfm)


compressed air




pressure required


6 bar


(90 psi)


consumption / volume


1,650 nl/hr


(58.3 cfm)




Electrical equipment installed according to UL regulations.  Voltage supplied must not fluctuate in excess of +/- 5% of its stated value. Voltage must be balanced phase-to- phase and phase-to-ground.

Item 2: Automatic Loader/Off-Loader


Makor's LIFT Loader is especially designed for the automatic loading and off-loading of product carrier trays from trolleys to be put into a processing line. The loader has also a manual loading function.

Carrier trays are handled only from the bottom to avoid contact with the coated items on the tray, thereby preserving the perfection of the finish.


electro-welded steel structure on which there are housed all the characteristic elements, particularly strong for handling mouldings of large dimensions

a platform, placed on the ground, serves as a support for an articulated parallelogram system, operated by means of hydraulic power unit, on which a series of retractable arms is mounted

the arms with telescopic function, pick up the jig to be processed from the trolley and bring it to the entrance of the line and vice versa

a perimeter fence on three sides  and an optical-electronic barrier on the front side ensure the safety of the operators


Control Panel

main control panel (usually that is integral part of previous spraying machine) managed by PLC and equipped with liquid crystal operator panel complete with protection devices, controls, and diagramed commands to manage the working cycle and the set-up

Options Included

designed to access trolleys from right and left sides


Technical Specifications


overall dimensions




(142 x 130 x 79")


lift motor power


3.0 kw



arm motor power


0.55 kw



conveyor motor power


0.37 kw



trolley load parameters




lowest operating point


570 mm




highest operating point


1970 mm




operating depth


1000 mm




Utility Requirements






operating voltage


480 v/3-phase/60hz



total connected load


3.7 kw


Electrical equipment installed according to UL regulations.  Voltage supplied must not fluctuate in excess of +/- 5% of its stated value. Voltage must be balanced phase-to- phase and phase-to-ground.


The trolley model 37/P has been designed for storing product specifically for use with the Makor LIFT System.

Two (2) trolleys are supplied.



Lateral columns in welded and painted tubular and sheet iron

Two (2) outside columns with two (2) intermediate support columns (4 total)

Seven (7) load levels; arms covered with U-shaped PVC each level with 230 mm pitch

Maximum weight capacity per level 85 kgs (188 lbs) – including customer supplied tray

Includes four (4) polyurethane swiveling wheels, diameter 175 mm



The trolley is equipped with welded side columns and the base is with



Technical Data



Overall dimensions






Pitch between external arms


2000 mm




Useful load depth


1000 mm




Distance from floor to 1st arm (level)


570 mm




Distance from floor to 7th arm (level)


1970 mm




Maximum capacity of trolley


600 kg


(1,326 lbs)


Includes 4 Drying Rack carts

Includes Pumps, agitators and guns (Orig cost 31,000)

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