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Makor Q-One Reciprocating Spraying Machine

MA ID: FLA-05964
Category: Systems & Automated Lines
Location: Northeast US
Price: $52,500  -or-  as low as $1,061.03 mo.*
*Subject to credit approval. Additional programs available.
Manufacturer: MAKOR
Model: Q-ONE
Year of Man.: 2007
Condition: Very Good

This machine was bought for 2 projects and has relatively low usage.  

This is a desirable unit and is priced to sell.


Reciprocating spraying machine

Q-ONE is a single arm oscillating spray machine utilizing 4 automatic spray guns. It is designed for finishing medium to small lots where frequent product changes or intermittent spraying is required. Q-ONE is also ideal for use when spraying glue or very fast-drying coatings. The conveyor is a self-winding disposable paper roll that eliminates the necessity for a belt cleaning system and the need to clean the machine between jobs. Simply flush the guns in preparation for the next batch of parts.


  • Spraying enclosure pressurized with filtered air via two intake fans
  • Internal air flow is adjustable by means of inverters
  • Paper feeding and re-wind are at opposite ends of the machine for easy access
  • Paper re-rewinding has a self-adjusting spreader to keep paper flat and evenly wound
  • Vacuum bed under paper conveyor has an independent blower
  • Touch screen PLC controller includes spraying recipes and production statistics
 Product Specifications
Feed Motor Power;  0.75 KW
Exhaust Fan;          5.5 KW
Reciprocator Motor;  2.2 KW
Paper Rewind Motor 0.18 KW
Vacuum Belt Motor;       1.5 KW
Feed Speed (feet); 3 - 20 f/min
Working Speed; 8 - 16 f/min
Paper Roll Diameter; 21.5"
Weight; 7,800 lbs.
Extraction Air; 7950 cfm
Pressurization Air; 3900 x 2 cfm
Total Installed Power; 13 KW
Shipping Footprint: 169" (length) x 165" (width) x 102H (height)
Weight: 8000 lbs.
Rigger: Required on selling end
Required on buying end
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