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LOEWER MultiMaster LZ 3DB150

MA ID: SPM-860
Price: $19,900.00 -or- as low as $402.18/mo.*
General Location: North East


Manufacturer: Loewer
Model: MultiMaster LZ 3DB-150
Year of Manufacture: 2006
Condition: Excellent
Electric 460 volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase


The LOEWER MultiMaster LZ 3DB-150 is a multi-sided sander designed for finish sanding and denibbing of all types of profiles and mouldings. Sanding strip units process all surfaces and profiles simultaneously from above, left and right. The MultiMaster LZ 3DB is available in a working width of 150mm (6”).


First Head: A 180mm (7.25”) excentric orbital disc top head with 24 keyways for sanding strips, with frequency converter variable spindle speeds from 200 – 600 rpm


Second Head: A single top spindle 300mm diameter (12”) brush unit with 150mm (6”) sanding strips rotating against the feed with frequency converter variable spindle speeds 

Side Units: One left hand and one right hand spindle 250mm diameter (10”) brush units with 75mm (3”) sanding strips rotating against the feed with variable spindle speeds controlled by the frequency converter of the second head

Additional features include:

  • Motorized height adjustment 4mm – 100mm (0.125” – 4.0”)
  • Separate manual height adjustment of disc unit
  • Constant passline height of work piece transport on belt conveyor and spring mounted pressure rollers
  • Feed speeds of 6, 12 & 16 meters (18, 36, 48 feet) per minute
  • Optional variable feed speed by frequency converter 0 – 13 M/min (0 – 39 fpm)
  • Infeed safety contact bar with emergency shutdown if work piece is too thick
  • Completely enclosed machine with dust extraction ports
  • Initial set of sanding heads and strips

Technical Data:

working width

150mm  (6”)

Max. thickness of work piece

100 mm (4”)

Motors top units

0.75 KW (1 HP)

Motors side units

0.37 KW (1/2 HP)

Feed motor

1.0 KW (1.3 HP)

Dust extraction

2 @ 100mm (4”)


460 Volt, 3PH, 60 Hz


6 bar (85 psi)

Length x Width x Height

1850mm x 1180mm x 1500mm     (74” x 47.25” x 60”)


480kg (1,056 lbs.

Current List Price: $48,500.00

Rigger: Not Required
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