MA ID: CF-10512
General Location: North West

Clamps - Case & Feed Thru

Manufacturer: Uhling
Model: HP 2000 Case Clamp
Condition: Good

Clamping Capacity 50" L  x  46"  H  x  24" D

Clamping with 2 Dual Pod Pressure Bars

30 Sec. Set Up

Effortless operation requires little employeee training

The HP 2000 is a compact, quick and easy to use Case Clamp. it's open size of 50" x 42" x 24" will accomodate 80-90% of your case goods

Shipping Footprint: 6 (length) x 2 (width) x 5 (height)
Weight: 1400 lbs
Rigger: Not Required
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