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Giben 12' Rear Load Panel Saw Model Y-3000 SPT/MR

MA ID: PNC-09422
Category: Panel Saw - CNC
Location: Midwest
Price: $38,900  -or-  as low as $786.17 mo.*
*Subject to credit approval. Additional programs available.
Manufacturer: Giben
Model: Y-3000 SPT/MR
Year of Man.: 2004
Condition: Very Good
Electric: 460 volt 60 cycle 3 phase

Giben 12'  Rear Load Panel Saw  Model Y-3000 SPT/MR


3800mm (149.5") cut line

115mm (4.5") blade projection

25HP main motor

3.5HP scoring motor

430mm (17") main blade

Automatic saw blade height adjustment according to book height being cut

215mm (8.5") scoring blade

Remote scoring adjustment from the G-Drive controller

Saw carriage advance 5 to 170m/m (16 to 558ft/min)  and  return at 170m/m (558ft/min)

Double independent automatic pre-positioning side aligner to 2,200mm (86.5")

AC Brushless pusher drive on precision rack and pinion

Speed;  by program at 1 - 90m/m (3' to 295'f/min)  Advance and Return

Unique PM gripper system with the following features.

              Grippers move side to side on the X axis to always position the grippers in the required position for processing any width of component from the lift table or during the cutting cycle

                            1 gripper with both X and Y movement to allow the possibility to cut different dimensions in the same pass

                        Each gripper is double width to allow clamping of 1 or 2 strips simultaneously

            1 "X" and 1 "XY" fully floating grippers open to 117mm (4.6")

            Positioning in "X" direction at 30m/m (98ft/min)

            Positioning in "Y" direction at 20m/m (66ft/min)

MR option for head cut panel rotation behind the cut line

Full length double pressure beam

Rapid blade change without need of tools

Automatic blade height adjustment by book height

Laser light at the cut-line with centering cut option

Transparent base covers


4 fixed air tables 2000mm X 510mm (78.5" X 20")

            1 melamine sliding shelf 510mm X 510mm between the first 2 tables fence side


Remote scoring adjustment from control panel

Lift table 3800mm X 1600mm (149" X 63") with transport by motorized pods

Double speed (1.4m/m) lift table raising and lowering

Powered side in-feed and out-feed conveyor with bunk stops

Raising blocks to raise the machine 220mm (8.6") to allow loading of bunks up to 800mm (31.5")

2 disappearing front aligners for alignment of books coming from the lift table

Label printing 

Can be networked to receive data from office 

Rigger: Required on selling end
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