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MA ID: HHB-11256
Price: $19,000.00 -or- as low as $383.99/mo.*
General Location: South East

Hinge/Hardware Boring

Manufacturer: Gannomat
Model: Express H2
Year of Manufacture: 2005
Condition: Very Good

Flip stops right hand – left hand
Mechanical digital readout
Hopper feed
2 Drilling and inserting stations (motor 2 x 1,5 kW) with magazine and inserting die according to hinge model incl.
2 Pneumatic brake for chip-free drilling
2 x 4-Spindle-drillhead (pitch according to hinge model)
Fully automatic electronic control (Self-diagnostic system)
Operating switches at the stations: Station ON/OFF, Emergencystop, Startbutton
Program selector switch No. 1 at the switchbox: Drilling only / Drilling and Inserting
Program selector switch No.2 at the switchbox:
Program A (working with 2 or 4 hinges per door)
Program B (working with 3 hinges per door leftsided)
Program C (working with 3 hinges per door rightsided)
The left drilling and inserting station is fixed. The right drilling and inserting station is easy movable in length direction on profile bearing guides with pneumatic locking and can be controlled by scale and 3 program-stops.
Working width between the stations:
min: 180 mm (4,6 inch)


max: 1550 mm (61 inch) for Express S2 ACCESSORIES TO "EXPRESS S2"

2 x Safety-control with metal-detector per drilling and inserting station(in case of an operator error the safety-control with metal-detector prevents the drilling into a pre-inserted hinge),

Drilling and inserting station movable with pneumatic locking ,complete with drillhead, magazine, inserting die incl. 1 Exhaust device, Ø 100 mm (1,5 kW) - 0800-A010

4-Spindle-drillhead (pitch according to hinge model)-0800-0400

Magazine complete with inserting die - 0800-20MD

Magazine without inserting die - 0800-20MA

2 x Mechanical digital counter for precise and fast adjustemt, Magazine complete with inserting die of different TB measuremen- t 0800-TABD

Drilling bits included


Operating voltage: 480 V / 3-phase/ 60 Hz

Rated Amp.5.6 A

Control voltage: 24 V-DC

Total connected load: 3.66 kW

Dust extraction

Exhust devices: 2 x Ø 100 mm

Compressed Air:

connection size: ¾”

Pressure required: 6 bar (85 psi)


Weight approx. 400 kg gross (packing in crate), 360 kg net

Measurement: (Length x Width x Height) 2,1 m x 1,1 m x 1,6 m

Rigger: Not Required
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