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2012 Homag KAL 210 ...Tape rocket!

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Corner Rounding Machines and Straight Trimmers

Manufacturer: Homag
Model: AMBITION 2262
Year of Manufacture: 2012
Condition: Very Good
Homag KAL 210 (2262 Ambition) Edgebander

Nice clean, low hour machine. Machine was used for 5 hours or less, 5 days a week.

Model: KAL 210 Ambition 2262 Year: 2012

Homag’s Ambition 2262 is a high-capacity, high-capability edgebander with pre-milling, gluing, snipping and finishing of edges, as well as profile trimming. The finishing unit on the outfeed removes glue residue to provide exceptional quality. This Ambition 2262 can easily process plastic (PVC, ABS, PP) and veneer coils up to 3 mm and solid strips of up to 6 mm with the change of a program.

A heavy-duty feed chain on precision hardened guides transports the work piece.

Track pads are 80 mm (3-5/32″) in width and are topped with a rubber surface to
securely hold the workpiece. Top pressure for the workpiece is achieved by a
double-wide compound V-belt with convenient programmable height adjustment
and digital read-out for top pressure beam height position. The double-wide V-belt
translates to improved panel hold-down.

Electronic frequency converters control each processing unit individually.

Technical Specifications:

Monitor Input PC 22 – Touch Screen Operation

Remote Operation (Homag Unit # 0844)

Spraying Device Top/Bottom

Pre-Milling Unit
• two (2) motors 3 kW, 150 cycle, 9000 rpm
• max. tool diameter 125 mm (4-15/16″)

Panel Pre-Heater
Pre-heating the panel brings the panel to an appropriate temperature for better
adhesion; this is especially beneficial in cooler temperatures.
• quartz lamp for heating substrate edge before glue application
• improved edge quality and optimum bonding

Quick Melt Gluing Unit (QA 34)
This QA 34 quick melt glue pot was designed by Homag – the original innovator of
the quick melt system.

Glue Roller Drive

Clamping Device for Glue-Pot

Multi-Purpose Magazine
A multi-purpose magazine expands capability by running coiled material (2 rolls),
strips, and solid wood bands.
• edge thickness:  0.4 mm to 6 mm (0.016″ to 15/64″)

Clipping Unit
A guillotine cuts the edgeband to length; this clipping unit is ideally designed for
today’s popular use of coiled material.

Magazine Height Adjustment

Pressure Zone for Gluing
one (1) driven pressure roller diameter: 160 mm  (6-5/16″)
six (6) secondary pressure rollers diameter: 70 mm   (2-3/4″)

Snipping Unit HL 81
This unit is for straight and chamfer snipping.
• with two (2) motors, 0.8 kW, 200 cycle; 12,000 rpm

Top & Bottom Flush Trimming Unit
Top and bottom flush trimming unit mills the edgeband overhang flush to the panel.

Set of “I” System TCT Flush Trimming Cutters

Profile Trimming Unit FK11
This profile trimming unit is designed for profile trimming the leading and trailing
edges as well as on both the top and bottom of the panel.  This unit is equipped with
manual adjustment of lateral tracing for trimming without tool change.
• used in conjunction with snipping and rough trimming units
• two (2) motors  0.4 kW, 200 cycles, 12,000 rpm
• max. edge thickness  3 mm    (1/4″)
• max. panel thickness 12 mm to 40 mm (1-9/16″)
• min. panel length  240 mm    (9-7/16″) single-sided
• min. panel distance  600 mm    (23-3/4″)
• max. feed speed   20 m/min    (65.6 ft/min)
• includes chuck with quick change device for one (1) tool holder assembly
• manual tool change

Manually Adjustable Set of Change Heads “I”

• two (2) processing units on the profile trimming unit, FK 11
• manual adjustment for varying edge thickness between chamfer and radius

Profile Scraping Device
The profile scraping device is a radius scraper using knives to scrape off a nominal
amount of material for a smooth surface without chatter.
tracing from top, bottom and laterally
for rounding-off pre-trimmed PVC edges

Set of Quick-Change Cutter Heads
two (2) quick-change cutter heads
two (2) profile knives with reversible carbide tips
radius to be specified by customer

Finish Unit Top / Bottom
for finishing operation of the longitudinal edge.  Consisting of:

Glue Joint Scraping Unit for Top and Bottom

Edge Buffing Unit for Top and Bottom

Edge buffing unit for top and bottom buffs edges that have been scraped in
prior processes.
height adjustment with the top pressure beam

Noise Reduction Enclosure

working level950 mm(37-13/32″)
min. working width w/thickness22 mm (7/8″)60 mm  (2-3/8″)
40 mm (1-9/16″)105 mm  (4-1/8″)
panel overhang 30 mm(1-1/8″)
workpiece thicknessmin.12 mm(15/32″)
max.40 mm(1-9/16″)
edge thicknessstrips0.4 mm to 6 mm(0.16″ to 15/64″)
coils0.3 mm to 3 mm(0.12″ to 1/8″)
processing limitsPVC135 mm²(0.19 sq. in)
veneer100 mm²(0.16 sq. in)
variable feed speed18 m/min to 25 m/min(59 ft/min to 82 ft/min)
extendable panel support800 mm(31-1/2″)
Rigger: Not Required
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