Grinding & Sharpening
Vollmer CHP200 TopFace
MA ID: GS-10726
Price: $32,000.00 -or- as low as $646.72/mo.*
General Location: Midwest
Category: Grinding & Sharpening
Manufacturer: VOLLMER
Model: CHP 200
Year of Manufacture: 2000
Condition: Good
Electric 230 volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase


Features: The CHP series is ideally equipped for sharpening carbidetipped circular saw blades. (3) CNC-controlled axes for the complete machining of all commonly used tooth geometries in just one cycle – even for saws with axial angle and group toothing. Osillation grinding as standard – for high metal removal rates in just one cycle, e.g. when machining teeth for repair. Motor-driven hook clearance angle adjustment for rapid switchover from face to top grinding. Optimum movement coordination for short grinding times and reduced non-productive times. Consistently hydraulic-free – extremely low-maintenance. Automatic central lubrication included in the basic equipment for reduced maintenance.

Grinding dimensions: 

Grinds saw blades from 3" - 32" (80 - 810 mm) dia., with bore from 3/8" - 8" (10 - 220 mm) dia. and blade thickness up to 5/16" 8 mm). Tooth pitch 7/16 - 4-3/4" (6 - 120 mm ) with the rake angle -30° to +50°. Sharpening of the tooth differential up to 3 mm, with top bevel angle up to 45° and face bevel to 15°. Length of grind up to 20 mm.

Shipping Footprint: 7 (length) x 7 (width) x 7 (height)
Weight: 3500 lbs
Rigger: Not Required
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