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What would it be like if someone took all the data you needed to purchase machinery and put it out there (right out in the open)  so everyone could see it?

It would be different than what you are used to wouldn’t it?

Welcome to!

We are the “Information Age” machinery site that is changing the way business is done when selling machinery. Our listings are complete and all necessary info is directly available to you by simply clicking on the item….no hide and seek with our data!

Each listing will tell you where the machine is and whom to contact to purchase it. We hide nothing because we don’t get a commission on the deal. We’ll even help you find items or sell yours.

Our listings are automated to help provide you with competing freight and financing quotes.  The sheer volume of deals and experience by our members will make your quotes more cost effective and easy to understand…..again, saving you money on the deal.  Of course you don’t have to use the quotes generated by our group, we only offer the convenience of one click quotes. If you choose to, you can certainly use your own shipper or financing source.  Every listing will show all the data needed for you to be able to get your own quotes ( including footprint and weight).  

We have riggers and technicians (listed by state), that can also be searched by the zip code closest to you or closest to the machine you’d like to buy (that may be located across the country).

Representing all this data in a way that is very forthcoming will make it easier to purchase a machine without adding anything to the cost incurred to pay the middleman.  NO MIDDLEMAN COMMISSIONS means more “cost effective” (affordable)  machinery!

Buy it directly from the owner or ask your local representative dealer to help you make the transaction with our cooperative sales system. This system  allows for co-brokering any item on the site with the salesman of your choice! It’s the same price either way!

The efficiency and automation of our site is helping you and your local dealer come together in such a way that it’s better for both parties.  We pride ourselves in the efficiency we provide and the money we will save both sides of the deal (sellers as well as buyers).  You buy for less and the dealer gets what he wanted for the machinery in the first place.

All this happens for less money because we put the info “on the table” for you to see. It’s the way the world works in the “Information Age”.

Check out our site and see if you agree it’s the best way to shop for machinery.  We’re betting you will. Come on in and let us help you save money!

Even if you don’t need any machinery right now, take a look around - we’re adding new features and putting new listings online every day!

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