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Brandt KDF 440 Edgebander with Return Conveyor
Mfr: Brandt Year: 2013
Model: KDF 440 Condition: Good MA ID: EBC-10478

Biesse Akron 440-AX Automatic Edgebander Single Sided
Mfr: Biesse Year: 2008 Location: Southwest US
Model: Biesse Akron 440-AX Edgebander Condition: Good MA ID: EBS-10477

Weeke Point To Point BP-145
Mfr: Weeke Year: 1999 Location: Southwest US
Model: Weeke Optimat BP-145 Condition: Good MA ID: PTP-10430

Giben BL4 KE04 Edgebander with Micron 32 PUR and Thomas Return System
Mfr: Giben Year: 2010 Location: Southwest US
Model: KE04 with Micron PUR System and Thomas Return System Condition: Very Good MA ID: EBS-10397

Homag KAL-370 Automatic Edgebander
Mfr: Homag Year: 2015 Location: Southwest US
Model: Homag KAL-370 Condition: Very Good MA ID: EBS-10432

Hendrick USA 50 Cross Cut Panel Saw
Mfr: Other manufacturer Year: 2000 Location: Northwest US
Model: Hendrick - USA -50 Computerized Cross Cut Saw Condition: Good MA ID: PNC-09805

Mfr: MAR-BEL Year: 2004 Location: Southeast US
Model: MLS 12 Condition: Good MA ID: LTS-10400

Mfr: Kremlin Year: 0 Location: Northeast US
Model: Condition: Excellent MA ID: FMS-10274

Schelling Front Load 12' Beam Saw (Used)
Mfr: Schelling Year: 2006
Model: FMH-430 Condition: Very Good MA ID: PNC-09855

Used Loewer DiscMaster DBB
Mfr: Loewer Year: 2004 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: DiscMaster DBB Condition: Very Good MA ID: SD-09099

Used Akron 855 edgebander
Mfr: Biesse Year: 2004 Location: Southwest US
Model: Biesse Akron 855 Condition: Fair MA ID: EBS-10242

3mm PVC Capacity Edgebander
Mfr: Brandt Year: 2003 Location: Midwest
Model: Optimat KDN 350 C Condition: Fair MA ID: EBS-09975

12' powered conveyor for rear load panel saw
Mfr: Selco Year: 1999 Location: Midwest
Model: 12' powered conveyor for rear load panel saw Condition: Very Good MA ID: MHC-09978

7.5 HP Dust collector
Mfr: Dust Technology Year: 1998 Location: Midwest
Model: 750 Condition: Good MA ID: DCO-09973

Mereen-Johnson Straight line multiple rip saw
Mfr: Mereen-Johnson Year: 1994 Location: Midwest
Model: 312 DC Condition: Good MA ID: RSL-10255

Timesavers 352-4ICP Wide Belt Sander
Mfr: Timesavers Year: 2001 Location: Northeast US
Model: 352-4IC Condition: Good MA ID: SWM-09924

2013 SCMI Si350 Class 10' sliding panel saw;
Mfr: SCM (SCMI) Year: 2013
Model: SCMI Si350 Class Condition: Excellent MA ID: PSS-10169

$11,500   *Sold*
Joy - Twistair 25hp Screw Compressor w/ Air cooler
Mfr: Other manufacturer Year: Location: Northeast US
Model: TA-025BB121TG Condition: Good MA ID: AC-09575

Call For Price
SCM Olimpic K1000 edge bander with corner rounding and a Taylor return conveyor
Mfr: SCM (SCMI) Year: 2007 Location: Eastern Canada
Model: Condition: Good MA ID: EBS-09983

Timesavers 43" finishing sander with 2 X Orbital Pads (recently rebuilt by Timesavers) and 1 X Fladder type head
Mfr: Timesavers Year: 2000
Model: 43-30B Condition: Very Good MA ID: SOP-10204

Biesse Rover 27 pod and rail CNC
Mfr: Biesse Year: 2000 Location: Western Canada
Model: Rover 27 pod and rail CNC Condition: Good MA ID: PTP-09968

Hendrick PRO/AM SP front load panel saw
Mfr: Hendrick Year: 1996 Location: Midwest
Model: Pro/AM SP Condition: Good MA ID: PSB-10328

Shape and Sand (2+2) feed through
Mfr: Unique Year: 2004 Location: Midwest
Model: Unique 336 Condition: Good MA ID: DSS-10137

Automatic template band saw
Mfr: OTHER Year: 1998 Location: Midwest
Model: MZ Project Hopper 013 Condition: Good MA ID: SBS-10200

Items 1 - 25 of 913