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Friulmac Double End Tenon
Mfr: Friulmac Year: 2004 Location: Midwest
Model: Quadramat Condition: Good MA ID: TN2-09852

Timesavers 6037 Widebelt Sander
Mfr: Timesavers Year: Location: Eastern Canada
Model: 6037 Condition: Very Good MA ID: SW1-09791

Edgebander - Homag Brandt Optimat KD 97
Mfr: Homag Year: 1994 Location: Eastern Canada
Model: Optimat KD 97 Condition: Very Good MA ID: EBS-09775

Used Ultimizers 800B through feed crayon marking chop saw line
Mfr: Ultimizers Inc Year: 2003 Location: Midwest
Model: 800 B Condition: Good MA ID: OSS-09741

Moulder / Planer - R.Y./Yates-American A20
Mfr: Yates- American Year: 2001 Location: Eastern Canada
Model: A20 Condition: Excellent MA ID: MFT-09816

Selco WNT 600 14' Rear Load Panel Saw With powered infeed conveyor
Mfr: Selco Year: 1999 Location: Midwest
Model: WNT 600 Condition: Good MA ID: PNC-09685

Edgebander - Brandt 1120FC
Mfr: Brandt Year: 2014 Location: Eastern Canada
Model: 1120FC Condition: Very Good MA ID: EBC-09742

$36,000   *Sold*
UV Edge finishing machine
Mfr: Sorbini Year: 2008
Model: Sorbini Smart Edge 01 BV 6000 Condition: Excellent MA ID: FCP-09663

Costa Brush Sander
Mfr: Costa Year: 2007 Location: Midwest
Model: BAF - 1350 Condition: Excellent MA ID: FSA-09650

Sicotte Model 700, Boring Machine
Mfr: Sicotte Year: Location: Eastern Canada
Model: 700 Condition: Very Good MA ID: BV-08630

Nice Routech twin table 5x10 CNC Router
Mfr: Routech Year: 1998 Location: Midwest
Model: Routomat.2 Condition: Good MA ID: RC3-09440

SCM Olympic K203R 3mm Edgebander with Corner Rounding
Mfr: SCM (SCMI) Year: 2005 Location: Midwest
Model: Olympic K203R Condition: Fair MA ID: EBS-09557

SCM OLIMPIC K 203 Edgebander
Mfr: SCM (SCMI) Year: 2007 Location: Central Canada
Model: OLIMPIC K 203 Condition: Good MA ID: EBS-09717

Used Edge Tech PF 150 Post Former
Mfr: Edgetech Year: Location: Upper Midwest
Model: PF 150 Condition: Good MA ID: PIN-08805

6 Head 1/056/R519-01 profile edge sander
Mfr: Stemas Year: 2001 Location: Central Canada
Model: 6 Head 1/056/R519-01 Condition: Very Good MA ID: SPM-09658

Weinig U23E/005 6 head feed thru moulder with EM11 hopper feed
Mfr: Weinig Year: 1998 Location: Central Canada
Model: U23E/005 Condition: Fair MA ID: MFT-09684

Weinig Unimat Gold 6 Head
Mfr: Weinig Year: 2010 Location: Mountain
Model: Unimat GOLD 6 head Condition: Very Good MA ID: MFT-09394

$35,900   *Sold*
24" Knife planer Bridgewood
Mfr: Bridgewood Year: 0 Location: Northwest US
Model: BW 612 PV Condition: Excellent MA ID: P1S-09635

Leadermac 12" Capacity 5 head moulder
Mfr: Leadermac Year: 2004 Location: Midwest
Model: 530H (Hypermac) Condition: Good MA ID: MFT-09558

Items 1 - 25 of 924