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Timesavers Dual Head Widebelt Sander 37"
Mfr: Timesavers Year: Location: Upper Midwest
Model: Condition: Good MA ID: SWM-09911

Shopsabre Model 2714 CNC Router
Mfr: Other manufacturer Year: 2009
Model: 7214 Condition: Good MA ID: RC3-09989

Holzher 1411-3 Edgebander.
Mfr: HolzHer Year: 2000 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: 1411-3 Condition: Good MA ID: EBS-09771

Weeke BP-80 Optimat Machining Center
Mfr: Weeke Year: 1998 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: BP-80 Optimat Condition: Good MA ID: PTP-09893

Standard Router SR-843 CNC Router, 8 x 4 Moving Table, (3) 5HP Spindles, (2) 3HP Vacuum Pumps
Mfr: Standard Year: Location: Upper Midwest
Model: SR-843 Condition: Good MA ID: RC3-08811

Koch Sprint PTP-2 Boring / Gluing / Dowel Inserting Machine, 5.5 Comb. HP, 460V, 3PH 2005
Mfr: Koch Year: 2005 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: Sprint PTP-2 Condition: Good MA ID: BGD-09919

Weeke 2006 Optimat BHC 250 CNC Pod & Rail, 10 Vertical, 4 Horizontal Drills, Saw Blade
Mfr: Weeke Year: 2006 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: Optimat BHC 250 Condition: Fair MA ID: PTP-09606

Komo VR512 CNC Router
Mfr: Komo Year: 1999
Model: VR512 Condition: Good MA ID: RC3-09959

Feed Through Shape & Sand with plc controller (Demo machine)
Mfr: Voorwood Year: 2016 Location: Midwest
Model: A115 Condition: New MA ID: DSS-09700

Torit 10 HP DDHV-45 Downdraft Table, 4 x 5 Work Area, Foot Shakers, Pull Trays
Mfr: Donaldson Torit Year: Location: Upper Midwest
Model: DDHV-45 Condition: Good MA ID: DCD-07905

Esta Dustomat 41 High Performance Dust Extractor, ISO Level 2, 4HP, 480V
Mfr: OTHER Year: 2000 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: Dustomat-41 Condition: Good MA ID: DCU-09549

GREAT for cabinet door denibbing both whitewood and sealed sanding
Mfr: Quickwood Year: 2007 Location: Southeast US
Model: Elite 1400 Condition: Excellent MA ID: FSA-04784

OMAl Bore Glue and Dowel
Mfr: Omal Year: 2006 Location: Southwest US
Model: INSERT 1300 Condition: Excellent MA ID: BGD-09757

Selco EB 120L 10 Ft automatic beam saw
Mfr: Selco Year: 2003 Location: Central Canada
Model: EB120L Condition: Good MA ID: PNC-09687

$25,980   *Sold*
Virutex Edgebander EB25
Mfr: Virutex Year: 2005 Location: Northeast US
Model: EB25 Condition: Good MA ID: EBS-08093

Vega 170 Wood Lathe
Mfr: Vega Year: Location: Northeast US
Model: 170 Condition: Good MA ID: LLS-08094

Pistorius MN200 Double Mitre Saw
Mfr: Pistorius Year: Location: Northeast US
Model: MN200 Condition: Good MA ID: SCM-07600

SCM Overhead Router R8
Mfr: SCM (SCMI) Year: Location: Northeast US
Model: R8 Condition: Fair MA ID: RM-07540

Scheer PA4136 10' Panel Saw
Mfr: Scheer Year: 1999 Location: Northeast US
Model: PA4136 Condition: Good MA ID: PNC-09744

Scheer DB22 32mm Construction Borer
Mfr: Scheer Year: Location: Northeast US
Model: DB22 Condition: Good MA ID: BL-08333

Items 1 - 25 of 872