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Used Homemade Profile Sander
Mfr: Unknown Year:
Model: Profile sander Condition: Fair MA ID: SPM-10082

Used Hoffman Morso Notcher
Mfr: Hoffmann Year:
Model: Morso Condition: Fair MA ID: SCM-10081

Used Doucet DH End-Matcher s/n 2000-01-124
Mfr: DOUCET Year:
Model: DH Condition: Fair MA ID: SHA-10080

Used Binks Crossdraft Spray Booth
Mfr: Binks Year: 0
Model: Condition: Good MA ID: MM-10079

Used Mereen Johnson 424 Gang Rip Saw
Mfr: Mereen-Johnson Year: 1975
Model: 424 DC Condition: Fair MA ID: RGR-10078

Used Bridgewood Model BW609 24” x 9" Automatic Planer
Mfr: Bridgewood Year: 0
Model: BW609 Condition: Fair MA ID: P1S-10077

Used Famous Jointer
Mfr: Other manufacturer Year:
Model: 12" Jointer Condition: Good MA ID: JT-10076

AmericanUsed 30" x 90" Jointer
Mfr: Other manufacturer Year:
Model: 30" Jointer Condition: Fair MA ID: JT-10075

Used DeWalt Model 3571 16" Super Duty Radial Arm Saw
Mfr: Dewalt Year:
Model: 3571 Condition: Fair MA ID: SRA-10074

Used Industrial C500L 14" up cut saw
Mfr: Industrial Year:
Model: C500L Condition: Fair MA ID: SCM-10073

Used Oliver Model 166CD 16" Jointer
Mfr: Oliver Year: 0
Model: 166D Condition: Excellent MA ID: JT-10072

Used Cadoret Finger Joint system consisting of a Right and Left hand shaper with Glue applicator, and 20' manual press
Mfr: Other manufacturer Year: 1994
Model: Stevens Point WI 54481 Condition: Fair MA ID: JT-10071

Used Dustvent Cyclone Dust collector with after filter
Mfr: Other manufacturer Year:
Model: Condition: Fair MA ID: DCO-10070

Used Powermatic Bandsaw
Mfr: Powermatic Year: 0
Model: Model 81 Condition: Good MA ID: SBS-10069

Used Powermatic CS18 LH Upcut Saw
Mfr: Powermatic Year: 0
Model: CS18 LH Condition: Good MA ID: SCM-10068

Used Stenner Resaw
Mfr: Stenner Year:
Model: Condition: Fair MA ID: SBS-10067

Used Butfering Classic TC 213CE 2-Head Wide Belt Sander
Mfr: Butfering Year:
Model: TC 213CE Condition: Fair MA ID: SWM-10066

Used Delta Model 43-375 Shaper
Mfr: Delta Year: 0
Model: 43-375 Condition: Fair MA ID: SHM-10065

Used Rockwell Model 15-655 15" Variable Speed Drill Press
Mfr: Rockwell Year: 0
Model: 15-655 Condition: Fair MA ID: BV-10064

Used General Model 26020 20" Variable Speed Lathe (Non-Electronic)
Mfr: General Year: 0
Model: 26020 Condition: Excellent MA ID: LA-10063

Used DEMO Ritter R220T Double Spindle Face Frame Pocket Borer
Mfr: Ritter Year: 2007
Model: R220T Pocket Borer Condition: Good MA ID: BH-10062

USED CANTEK LSP-850DHC 33 ½” Wide Thickness Planer with HelixHead
Mfr: Cantek Year:
Model: LSP-850DHC Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-10061

Used Robland sliding table saw
Mfr: Robland Year:
Model: Z320 Condition: Good MA ID: PSS-10060

Used Grizzly Table Saw
Mfr: Grizzly Year:
Model: Condition: Good MA ID: ST-10059

Used Sears Radial Arm Saw
Mfr: Other manufacturer Year:
Model: Condition: Good MA ID: SRA-10058

Items 1 - 25 of 951