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Used Newman S970 Double Surfacer.
Mfr: Newman Whitney Year: 1992
Model: S970 30" Condition: Very Good MA ID: P2S-08589

Used Yates double surface roughing planer
Mfr: Other manufacturer Year:
Model: B26 - 24" Condition: Fair MA ID: P2S-08614

Mfr: Whitney Year: Location: Southeast US
Model: S-970 Condition: Very Good MA ID: P2S-08272

Used Newman S-970 Double Sided Planer
Mfr: Newman Whitney Year: 1963 Location: Northeast US
Model: S-970 30" Condition: Fair MA ID: P2S-06601

Bridgewood GY-610S Double Side Planer
Mfr: Bridgewood Year: 102
Model: GY-610S Condition: Excellent MA ID: P2S-08180

Used Whitney Model S-331 Double Planer
Mfr: Whitney Year:
Model: S-331 Condition: Fair MA ID: P2S-10051

Used Pinheiro MFEF-630 Planer
Mfr: Pinheiro Year: 1988 Location: Northeast US
Model: MFEF-630 Condition: Fair MA ID: P2S-06534

Items 1 - 7 of 7