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Yates B-26 Top & Bottom Planer, 24" x 4" Thickness Cap. Carbide Insert Hd, 3PH
Mfr: Yates- American Year: Location: Midwest
Model: B-26 Condition: Fair MA ID: P1S-10222

USED CANTEK LSP-850DHC 33 ½” Wide Thickness Planer with HelixHead
Mfr: Cantek Year:
Model: LSP-850DHC Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-10061

Used Buss 66, 42" Planer
Mfr: Buss Year: 1967 Location: Northeast US
Model: 66-40 Condition: Fair MA ID: P1S-04381

custom beam planer 24"x24" capacity
Mfr: Powermatic Year: 0 Location: Northeast US
Model: 225 modified custom Condition: Excellent MA ID: P1S-09482

Mfr: Whitney Year:
Model: S-480 52" Condition: Very Good MA ID: P1S-09640

Used Buss 44 Single Head Planer
Mfr: Buss Year: 1955 Location: Northeast US
Model: 44-36 Condition: Fair MA ID: P1S-08110

Used Whitney S-205, 24" H Planer
Mfr: Whitney Year: 1960 Location: Northeast US
Model: S-205, 24" H Condition: Very Good MA ID: P1S-04501

Used Powermatic 221 H Planer
Mfr: Powermatic Year: Location: Northeast US
Model: 221 H Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-04900

Mfr: Northtech Year:
Model: NT-660HC Condition: Fair MA ID: P1S-10085

Used Whitney S-290, 30" Planer
Mfr: Whitney Year: 1960 Location: Northeast US
Model: S-290, 30" Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-04399

Used Oliver 299D Planer
Mfr: Oliver Year: 1974 Location: Northeast US
Model: 299D 24" Condition: Fair MA ID: P1S-00105

Used Delta/Rockwell Model RC63N Planer
Mfr: Delta-Rockwell Year: 1981
Model: RC63N Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-08755

20" Spiral Head Planer 5180 RPM
Mfr: Powermatic Year: Location: Northeast US
Model: 221 Condition: Very Good MA ID: P1S-02923

Mfr: Powermatic Year: Location: Mountain
Model: 225 Condition: Excellent MA ID: P1S-10338

Rockwell/Delta 24" X 9" Planer, Ex. Cond.
Mfr: Rockwell/Delta Year: Location: Midwest
Model: 22-503 Condition: Excellent MA ID: P1S-07957

Used Powermatic model 160 16" Planer
Mfr: Powermatic Year: 0
Model: 160 Condition: Fair MA ID: P1S-10037

Felder FORMAT 4 Exact 51 Planer
Mfr: Felder Year: 2006
Model: FORMAT 4 Exact 51 Planer Condition: Fair MA ID: P1S-10114

Used Powermatic 180 Planer
Mfr: Powermatic Year: 1987 Location: Northeast US
Model: 180 Condition: Fair MA ID: P1S-00122

Rockwell 25" Planer with Grinder (Used)
Mfr: Rockwell Year: Location: Northeast US
Model: S63 Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-10614

Wadkin Bursgreen T630 Planer
Mfr: Wadkin Year: Location: Upper Midwest
Model: Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-05405

Powermatic 180 18" Planer with Grinder
Mfr: Powermatic Year: 1985
Model: 180 Condition: Very Good MA ID: P1S-10181

$3,900   *Sold*
Grizzly 20" Spiral Head model GO 544 Planer
Mfr: Grizzly Year: Location: Northwest US
Model: Grizzly GO 544 20" Planer Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-10401

Items 1 - 25 of 29