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Altendorf F45 Re-Conditioned 10' Slider
Mfr: Altendorf Year: 1997
Model: F45 Condition: Excellent MA ID: PSS-10575

Altendorf F45 11'2" Sliding Table Panel Saw (Used)
Mfr: Altendorf Year: 1999 Location: Northeast US
Model: F45 3400mm Condition: Good MA ID: PSS-09395

Martin T71 Sliding Table Panel Saw (Used)
Mfr: Martin Year: 1986
Model: T71 Condition: Good MA ID: PSS-10612

SCMI Sliding Table Saw (Used)
Mfr: Other manufacturer Year: 1999
Model: SI-320 Condition: Good MA ID: PSS-08771

Holz-Her 1242 Sliding Table Saw
Mfr: HolzHer Year:
Model: 1242 Condition: Very Good MA ID: PSS-10395

Altendorf F45 Sliding Table Saw
Mfr: Altendorf Year: 1991 Location: Midwest
Model: F45 Condition: Fair MA ID: PSS-10364

EMA Sliding Table Panel Saw 10' (Used)
Mfr: Other manufacturer Year:
Model: KS 3200 Condition: Good MA ID: PSS-09618

Mfr: SCM (SCMI) Year: 2006 Location: Southeast US
Model: S315 WS Condition: Good MA ID: PSS-09935

SCM MiniMax Slider SC3
Mfr: SCM (SCMI) Year: Location: Northeast US
Model: SC3 Condition: Good MA ID: PSS-08103

Rockwell SCMI SI 15F Sliding Table Saw, 59 Inch Slide Cap.
Mfr: Rockwell Year: 1989 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: SI 15F Condition: Fair MA ID: PSS-09274

$1,400   *Sold*
Items 1 - 11 of 11