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KENTWOOD M709HD/A 7-Head Moulder
Mfr: Kentwood Year: 2009 Location: Southeast US
Model: M709HD/A Condition: Good MA ID: MFT-09731

$89,900   *Sold*
Moulder / Planer - R.Y./Yates-American A20
Mfr: Yates- American Year: 2001 Location: Eastern Canada
Model: A20 Condition: Excellent MA ID: MFT-09816

Weinig Unimat Gold 6 Head
Mfr: Weinig Year: 2010 Location: Mountain
Model: Unimat GOLD 6 head Condition: Very Good MA ID: MFT-09394

$35,900   *Sold*
Leadermac 12" Capacity 5 head moulder
Mfr: Leadermac Year: 2004 Location: Midwest
Model: 530H (Hypermac) Condition: Good MA ID: MFT-09558

Martin 7 Head Moulder with Universal (Used)
Mfr: Martin Year: Location: Northeast US
Model: T90 Condition: Good MA ID: MFT-07836

SK Machinery Moulder Model KP6-230S
Mfr: SK - USA Year: 2007 Location: Midwest
Model: KP6-230S Condition: Excellent MA ID: MFT-08120

$23,900   *Sold*
Leadermac 5 head Moulder (Used)
Mfr: Other manufacturer Year: 2005 Location: Northeast US
Model: 523 Compact LMC 523C Condition: Good MA ID: MFT-08206

Used Weinig P26S Moulder
Mfr: Weinig Year: 2001 Location: Northeast US
Model: P-26S 5 Head Condition: Fair MA ID: MFT-08228

Wadkin 5-Head Moulder (Used)
Mfr: Wadkin Year: 1996 Location: Northeast US
Model: GD5 Condition: Very Good MA ID: MFT-08208

Kentwood S-4-S Planer Moulder (Used)
Mfr: Kentwood Year: 2008
Model: P 407 Condition: MA ID: MFT-08788

Weinig Unimat 23 EL 5 head moulder with hopper feed and programmable set-up
Mfr: Weinig Year: 1999 Location: Midwest
Model: Unimat 23 EL Condition: Good MA ID: MFT-09367


Mfr: IIDA Year: Location: Southeast US
Model: MILLENIUM MD221F 5 HEAD MOULDER Condition: Good MA ID: MFT-09865

Weinig U23E/005 6 head feed thru moulder with EM11 hopper feed
Mfr: Weinig Year: 1998 Location: Central Canada
Model: U23E/005 Condition: Fair MA ID: MFT-09684

Mfr: Leadermac Year:
Model: LEADERMAC 12 IN. HYPERMAC 523H 5-HEAD MOULDER Condition: Very Good MA ID: MFT-09641

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Items 1 - 17 of 17