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60" wide spray line water base UV
Mfr: VENJAKOB Year: 2002 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: Condition: Excellent MA ID: FLA-09765

Flat line Finisher
Mfr: Cattinair Year: 2005 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: UV Spray Line w/FIFO Oven Condition: Very Good MA ID: FLA-07848

Flooring finishing line, Cefla, Sorbini, Viet and Heesemann, roll coaters, uv drying, sanding, brush cleaning, spare drums
Mfr: Other manufacturer Year: Location: Central Canada
Model: Cefla, Sorbini, Viet and Heesemann Condition: Fair MA ID: FLA-09704

$150,000   *Sold*
MAKOR Drying Oven Transversal Ftt 3600 x 7500
Mfr: MAKOR Year: 2007 Location: Northeast US
Model: Ftt 3600 x 7500 Condition: Very Good MA ID: FOC-09736

Cabin Cattinair Rotoclean G4 Spray system
Mfr: Cattinair Year: 2003 Location: Eastern Canada
Model: Rotoclean G4 Condition: Very Good MA ID: FLA-09151

KRONOS reciprocating spray Line
Mfr: MAKOR Year: 2003 Location: Southeast US
Model: KRONOS reciprocating spray Line Condition: Excellent MA ID: FLA-06805

Call For Price   *Sold*
Items 1 - 6 of 6