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Finish Sanding Line
Mfr: DMC Year: 2004 Location: Southern US
Model: DMC Unisand 2000 3 Head sander, DMC Unisand 2000 Orbital Sander, Fladder 300 Gyro Condition: Very Good MA ID: SWM-09694

2004 Costa BL 1350 Sander
Mfr: Costa Year: 2004 Location: Southeast US
Model: BLI 1350 Condition: Very Good MA ID: FSA-09212

Costa Brush Sander
Mfr: Costa Year: 2007 Location: Midwest
Model: BAF - 1350 Condition: Excellent MA ID: FSA-09650

GREAT for cabinet door denibbing both whitewood and sealed sanding
Mfr: Quickwood Year: 2007 Location: Southeast US
Model: Elite 1400 Condition: Excellent MA ID: FSA-04784

Timesavers 43" finishing sander with 2 X Orbital Pads (recently rebuilt by Timesavers) and 1 X Fladder type head
Mfr: Timesavers Year: 2000
Model: 43-30B Condition: Very Good MA ID: SOP-10204

QUICKWOOD 52" Denibbing Sander
Mfr: Quickwood Year: 2006 Location: Southeast US
Model: QRC-9/1300 Condition: Good MA ID: FSA-09150

Clean and ready to Denib and Sand for you - Costa SA TT
Mfr: Costa Year: 2008 Location: Northwest US
Model: Costa SA TT - 1350 Finish Sander Condition: Good MA ID: FSA-10490

Mfr: Timesavers Year:
Model: 337-6RP CONTOUR DENIBBING Condition: Excellent MA ID: FSA-09886

Fladder AUT 1000 VAC
Mfr: FLADDER Year: 2003 Location: Northwest US
Model: Fladder AUT 1000 VAC Condition: Good MA ID: FSA-09934

Quickwood model CD 2-900 denibbing sander
Mfr: Quickwood Year: 2006 Location: Central Canada
Model: CD 2-900 Condition: Fair MA ID: FSA-09929

Mfr: Other manufacturer Year: Location: Southeast US
Model: "ONLYWOOD/6 AV" Condition: Good MA ID: FSA-08992

Sanding Sponges
Mfr: OTHER Year: Location: Midwest
Model: Condition: Excellent MA ID: FSA-03209

Items 1 - 14 of 14