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Edgebanders -Single Sided Machinery For Sale

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Biesse Roxyl 5.5 Edgebander with Air Force System
Mfr: Biesse Year: 2013
Model: Roxyl 5.5 Condition: Very Good MA ID: EBS-10479

Brandt KDF 440 Edgebander with Return Conveyor
Mfr: Brandt Year: 2013
Model: KDF 440 Condition: Good MA ID: EBS-10478

Softforming and straight Banding
Mfr: Homag Year: 2006 Location: Southeast US
Model: Opmat KAL 310/5/A20 Condition: Very Good MA ID: EBS-10495

Casadei Flexa 37 RMA6 Edgebander Showroom Demo-PRICE REDUCTION
Mfr: Casadei Year: 2014 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: Flexa 37RMA6 Condition: Excellent MA ID: EBS-10273

Brandt KDF 980 Edgebander w/Pre-Mill & Corner Rounding (Used)
Mfr: Brandt Year: 2004 Location: Northeast US
Model: KDF 980 Condition: Good MA ID: EBS-08117

Giben BL4 KE04 Edgebander with Micron 32 PUR and Thomas Return System
Mfr: Giben Year: 2010 Location: Southwest US
Model: KE04 with Micron PUR System and Thomas Return System Condition: Very Good MA ID: EBS-10397

$39,500   *Sold*
Pre-Owned 2013 Felder Format 4 Perfect 608 Edgebander
Mfr: Felder Year: 2013 Location: Southeast US
Model: Format 4 Perfect 608 Condition: Very Good MA ID: EBS-10265

Brandt Edgebander w/ Double Corner-Rounding
Mfr: Brandt Year: 2004 Location: Northeast US
Model: KDN 660-2C Condition: Very Good MA ID: EBS-07956

Brandt KDF520 Edgebander
Mfr: Brandt Year: 2006 Location: Northeast US
Model: KDF520 Condition: Good MA ID: EBS-09504

Brandt KDN770 Edgebander w/ Corner Rounding (Used)
Mfr: Brandt Year: 2004 Location: Northeast US
Model: KDN 770 2-C Condition: Excellent MA ID: EBS-09580

Giben KG-365 Showroom Demo-PRICE REDUCTION
Mfr: Giben Year: 2015 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: KG-365 Condition: Excellent MA ID: EBS-10272

Brandt KDF 530C Edgebander
Mfr: Brandt Year: 2005 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: KDF 530C Condition: Good MA ID: EBS-10458

Biesse Akron 440-AX Automatic Edgebander Single Sided
Mfr: Biesse Year: 2008 Location: Southwest US
Model: Biesse Akron 440-AX Edgebander Condition: Good MA ID: EBS-10477

Holz Her 1321-2 Edgebander
Mfr: HolzHer Year: 2003 Location: Northeast US
Model: 1321-2 Condition: Good MA ID: EBS-05343

Brandt KDF 530C Pre-Mill and Corner-Rounding (Used)
Mfr: Brandt Year: 2005
Model: KDF530C Condition: Very Good MA ID: EBS-09644

Chehisa system 5 S edge Bander Like new
Mfr: Cehisa Year: 2012 Location: Midwest
Model: System 5 S Condition: Excellent MA ID: EBS-10616

$20,500   *Sold*
Brandt edge blander with corner rounding great buy!
Mfr: Brandt Year: 2003 Location: Southeast US
Model: KDN 990 Condition: Good MA ID: EBS-07166

Biesse Akron 246 w/Premill & Corner-Rounding (Used)
Mfr: Biesse Year: 2007
Model: Akron 246 Condition: Very Good MA ID: EBS-09754

Ima Advantage 6620
Mfr: Ima Year: Location: Upper Midwest
Model: Ima Advantage 6620 Condition: Good MA ID: EBS-10538

Brandt KDN 650 C - Very Nice !
Mfr: Brandt Year: 2007 Location: Northwest US
Model: Brandt KDN 650 C Condition: Very Good MA ID: EBS-10361

Mfr: Biesse Year: 2016 Location: Midwest
Model: Spark 5.3 Condition: New MA ID: EBS-10213

Mfr: Biesse Year: 2007 Location: Midwest
Model: Akron 425 AN Condition: Excellent MA ID: EBS-10474

Homag Edgebander Model KL 76/A20/S2
Mfr: Homag Year: 2000 Location: Southwest US
Model: KL-76 S2 Condition: Fair MA ID: EBS-10431

Items 1 - 25 of 72