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2013 SCM Cyflex Vertical CNC Machine Center
Mfr: SCM (SCMI) Year: 2013 Location: Midwest
Model: CYFLEX F900 Condition: Excellent MA ID: BF-09063

Holzher Uni-Master 7226 Point to Point with Tool Changer
Mfr: HolzHer Year: 2002 Location: Southwest US
Model: Uni-Master 7226 Condition: Very Good MA ID: PTP-10500

Biesse Rover 27 Point to Point
Mfr: Biesse Year: 2001 Location: Southwest US
Model: Rover 27 Condition: Very Good MA ID: PTP-10627

SCM 2016 Startech CN-NC universal drilling and grooving machine,
Mfr: SCM (SCMI) Year: 2016 Location: Central Canada
Model: Startech CN Condition: Excellent MA ID: PTP-10254

Weeke Point To Point BP-145
Mfr: Weeke Year: 1999 Location: Southwest US
Model: Weeke Optimat BP-145 Condition: Good MA ID: PTP-10430

Holz-Her Easy Master Point to Point
Mfr: HolzHer Year: 2001 Location: Mountain
Model: Easy Master 7015 Condition: Very Good MA ID: PTP-07622

Weeke BP-80 Optimat Machining Center
Mfr: Weeke Year: 1998 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: BP-80 Optimat Condition: Good MA ID: PTP-09893

Used SCM Tech 95 Borer
Mfr: SCM (SCMI) Year: 1998 Location: Northeast US
Model: Tech 95 Condition: Fair MA ID: PTP-04852

Biesse Rover 27 pod and rail CNC
Mfr: Biesse Year: 2000 Location: Western Canada
Model: Rover 27 pod and rail CNC Condition: Good MA ID: PTP-09968

Biesse Rover 20 Under Power! Moving Must Go!
Mfr: Biesse Year: 1999 Location: Mountain
Model: Rover 20 Condition: Good MA ID: PTP-09423

Items 1 - 13 of 13