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DMC Unisand 2000 M2 Wide Belt Sander
Mfr: DMC Year: 1998 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: Unisand 2000 M2 Condition: Good MA ID: SW1-09820

Powermatic RB-37 Wide Belt Sander
Mfr: Powermatic Year: Location: Upper Midwest
Model: RB-37 Condition: MA ID: SW1-08148

Timesaver 137-1HD, 36" Widebelt Sander, 8" Thickness, Combination Head, 20HP 3PH, Refurb 2017
Mfr: Timesavers Year: Location: Upper Midwest
Model: 137-1HD Condition: Good MA ID: SW1-09299

Timesavers 6037 Widebelt Sander
Mfr: Timesavers Year: Location: Eastern Canada
Model: 6037 Condition: Very Good MA ID: SW1-09791

SANDINGMASTER 37" Wide Belt - Ideal for Abrasive Planning!
Mfr: Sandingmaster Year: Location: Central Canada
Model: CSB900 Condition: Fair MA ID: SW1-09579

Ramco Model DW-37A
Mfr: Ramco Year: 1998 Location: Midwest
Model: Ramco Model DW-37A Condition: Good MA ID: SW1-07321

AEM Abrasaplaner Narrobelt Wide Belt Sander
Mfr: AEM Year: Location: Upper Midwest
Model: Condition: Fair MA ID: SW1-06333

LOBO Wide Belt Sander 15” Model CA-1554
Mfr: Lobo Year: Location: Southeast US
Model: CA-1554 Condition: Good MA ID: SW1-09683

Burlington 24" Cap. 1HD, Drum Only, Widebelt Sander, Rare 10HP, 220V, 1PH, Cleaned, Checked
Mfr: OTHER Year:
Model: 24" Condition: Good MA ID: SW1-09544

Items 1 - 11 of 11