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Barberan Automated Lacquer Application Line
Mfr: Barberan Year: 2009 Location: Central Canada
Model: automatic lacquer line Condition: Very Good MA ID: FLA-09936

Flat line Finisher
Mfr: Cattinair Year: 2005 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: UV Spray Line w/FIFO Oven Condition: Very Good MA ID: FLA-07848

Wemhoner Press KT-M15/28-240
Mfr: Wemhoner Year: 1996
Model: KT_M15/28-240 Condition: Excellent MA ID: PRM-09892

Used CR Onsrud 146C18G Super Duty
Mfr: C.R. Onsrud Year: 2007 Location: Upper Midwest
Model: 146C18G Condition: Good MA ID: RC3-08803

Used Newman S970 Double Surfacer.
Mfr: Newman Whitney Year: 1992
Model: S970 30" Condition: Very Good MA ID: P2S-08589

Finish Sanding Line
Mfr: DMC Year: 2004 Location: Southern US
Model: DMC Unisand 2000 3 Head sander, DMC Unisand 2000 Orbital Sander, Fladder 300 Gyro Condition: Very Good MA ID: SWM-09694

UV Edge finishing machine
Mfr: Sorbini Year: 2008
Model: Sorbini Smart Edge 01 BV 6000 Condition: Excellent MA ID: FLA-09663

Cefla Kleenspray (Used)
Mfr: Cefla Year: 2005
Model: Kleenspray Condition: Very Good MA ID: FLA-09155

MAKOR Drying Oven Transversal Ftt 3600 x 7500
Mfr: MAKOR Year: 2007 Location: Northeast US
Model: Ftt 3600 x 7500 Condition: Very Good MA ID: FOC-09736

Radio Frequency plywood bending press with generator
Mfr: Rosenquist Year: 2001 Location: Midwest
Model: CPP 8040 Condition: Very Good MA ID: PRH-09369

Komo 2007 Solution VR 510 TG CNC router with low hours
Mfr: Komo Year: 2007
Model: Solution VR 510 TG Condition: Very Good MA ID: RC3-09679

Andi Exxact Plus CNC Router 3 Axis
Mfr: Anderson America Year: 2002 Location: Northeast US
Model: Exxact Plus Condition: Good MA ID: RC3-09277

Mfr: Heesemann Year:
Model: LSM-8 Condition: Very Good MA ID: SWM-09999

Biesse Excell 4016TC
Mfr: Biesse Year: 1998 Location: Midwest
Model: Protec Excell 4016TC Condition: Very Good MA ID: RC4-05076

Butfering 2 Head Segmented Veneer and Lacquer Sander
Mfr: Butfering Year: 2006 Location: Northeast US
Model: Diamond CE SCO 213 Condition: Very Good MA ID: SWM-09017

Automatic double end tenoner squaring/sizing line
Mfr: Gabbiani Saws Year: 2002
Model: SI 48 + SI 64 Double end tenoners Condition: Very Good MA ID: TN2-09327

Friulmac Double End Tenon
Mfr: Friulmac Year: 2004 Location: Midwest
Model: Quadramat Condition: Good MA ID: TN2-09852

Timesavers 352-4ICP Wide Belt Sander
Mfr: Timesavers Year: 2001 Location: Northeast US
Model: 352-4IC Condition: Good MA ID: SW1-09924

Items 1 - 25 of 872