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2006 Brandt KDF 970 Premill+Corner Rounding NEW GLUEPOT

MA ID: EBS-10789
Price: $26,500.00 -or- as low as $535.56/mo.*
General Location: North East

Edgebanders -Single Sided

Manufacturer: Brandt
Model: KDF970
Year of Manufacture: 2006
Electric 230 volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase
Advertised for 29,500.00


2006 Brandt Automatic Edgebander 

Model KDF-970 2C Profiline

Automatic height adjustment of all work stations when motorized upper pressure beam adjusted.

PC-20 Program Control

PC:  Industrial PC, 600 Mhz, Front side USB port.

Memory:  256 Mb ram, 1 Gb Flash card.

Screen:  12.1” Color, 800 x 600 pixel, Active TFT Screen.

Internal modem for remote diagnostic link.

Control panel located at machine infeed for operator convenience.

Joint trimming unit for pre-trimming the work piece edge prior to processing.

Automatic edge feed device for coil feeding from outside the machine.

Wider magazine with auto feeding of wood strip material from outside the machine.

Quick-melt granulate glue application system with approximately 12 minute heat-up time.  Pneumatic positioning and locking of the unit. ****THIS IS A NEW GLUEPOT and we have spare, for rebuild

Reversible rotation of glue application roller.  Retractable glue roller.

Infrared heating unit positioned between glue roller and pressure zone contributes to improved edge quality.

Program controlled motorized pressure zone: first pressure roller driven and four idle pressure rollers, all with pneumatically controlled side pressure.

End trimming unit with straight and chamfer capability.  Chamfer up to 15°.  Program controlled pneumatic indexing straight to bevel.

Top and bottom flush trimming unit.  Includes straight insert cutters.  Two position vertical pneumatic indexing for flush trimming or rough trimming.

Top and bottom fine trimming unit with servo motor positioning of the units for edge thickness and servo motor positioning of the side copy rollers.  DFC radius cutters included.

Top and bottom contour trimming unit.Scraping unit for rigid PVC edges with digital “Quickset” system.  Pneumatic indexing.

Surface scraping unit. (Glue scraping) 

Oscillating jump buffing unit.

PVC Post heating system for dark PVC edge materials


Technical Specifications


Edge band thickness

0.4 - 20 mm (0.016" - 25/32")

Edgeband height

12 - 65 mm (1/2" - 2 9/16")

Panel length min.

160 mm (6 3/8")

Panel width min.

65 mm (2 1/2")

Panel thickness - min.

                           - max.

8 mm (5/16")

60 mm (2 3/8")

Feed speed – variable

11 – 20 m/min  ( 36 – 65 FPM )

max when corner rounding = 52 FPM

max using solid wood = 52 FPM

Feed motor

2.2 kw (3 HP)

Joint trimming unit

     Cutter speed

2.2 kw ( 3 HP ea ) two motors

12,000 RPM

Pressure section

First roller driven, four rollers idle

End trim unit - two motors

     Cutting speed

     Straight cut capacity max.

0.75 kw (1 HP)

12,000 RPM

10 x 50 mm (25/64" x 2")

20 x 40 mm (25/32" x 1 9/16")

Flush trimming unit

     Cutter speed

1.5 kw (2 HP)

12,000 RPM

Fine trimming unit

     Tilting range

     Cutter speed

.55 kw (3/4 HP ea)

0 - 25°

12,000 RPM

Contour trimming unit - top and bottom

0.35 kw (1/2 HP ea - two motors)

Machine length

6860 mm (22’ 6")

Machine width

1730 mm (68")

Working height

900 mm (35 1/2")

Total height

2000 mm (78 3/4")

Machine net weight

3100 kg  ( 6820 lbs. )


Shipping Footprint: 28' (length) x 5 (width) x 6 (height)
Weight: 4000 lbs
Rigger: Not Required
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