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Over the years we have watched other industries create new ways to sell their assets and merchandise on the internet yet the machinery industry has mostly turned to brokers. These brokers have been able design a one-way revenue generator for themselves and in most cases will make more on your machine than you will.  We at believe that this is the old way of doing business and have developed a system that is modeled specifically to address the needs of the machinery sales professionals. We are happy to introduce this network and its efficient way of presenting machinery for sale worldwide.  

Welcome to!

We offer a new way of producing more sales at far less cost to you (the actual owner of the machine). This win-win scenario is exactly what the internet is designed to do….and would be proud to be your source to improve the efficiency of doing business.

How will we help you make more money?

Efficiency at the sale
The efficiency of our system will bring qualified buyers right to your doorstep. These buyers will be pre-approved for lending, with freight quotes in hand and their intent will be to make a deal. You will spend far less wasted time on deals that fall through and you can focus your attention on getting your deal done and moving forward with other sales opportunities.

Efficiency at the purchase
Our focus is on more than the sale….what about the “buy”?
This system will make you buy smarter by being able to do appraisals of machinery (with a simple click). Buying right is as important to your bottom line as the sell. Our online appraisals take the guess work out of the “buy” side of your deal..

More loyalty from your customers
What if your customer wants something you don’t have in your inventory? You are able to buy from (or co-broke with) other dealers on our system. This will reduce the wasted trips to visit a shop that you call on. Your customer will also know that with one call (to you) he can get almost anything he wants….thus producing better loyalty.

Commission Free sales
Our system is not a brokerage and charges 0% in fees on all of your sales.

Ease of sales, available documentation at your fingertips and customer loyalty are only the beginning. We are committed to your success…..because in the end, your success is directly linked to our success. Try for free and see for yourself. It’s the system that has been designed around you and your business.

By joining you will be involved in a complete system of tools designed exactly for efficiency in your business.  Its low monthly membership fee is also determined by efficiency and automation that we brag about so often… thus putting our money where our mouth is!

We will provide the following services for you:

  • Unlimited listings.
  • NO time limits on listings.
  • A FULL marketing plan (paper as well as web and trade show advertising)
  • Unlimited appraisal inquiries
  • Lead generation. (anyone that clicks “sell my machinery”)
  • Lead generation  (anyone that clicks  “Machinery wanted”)
  • Daily email that gives you:
    • All new (today) listings
    • All sold (today) listings
    • Any “wanted” machinery entered
    • Any “sell mine” machinery entered
    • A “member Message board” (info based dealer to dealer log)
    • Welcome new members to Machinery Associates

Your Own Custom Home Page. We give you a page of your own that will list only your machinery for sale. It can accept your own graphics and will represent you in any way you’d like with little regulation.

Our “NEVER DELETE” database will keep information indefinitely. This data will be useful when it comes time to do appraisals, or to detail a new listing that you have. If you were listing a particular machine and didn’t have all the spec’s in your notes, you could look up old machinery to extract the features, or systems you needed info on.

This system is considered by us to be a sales tool that will be as important to your business as anything else that you use.

We at are committed to helping your machinery sales business succeed.  We know our success is directly related to your success and we promise unmatched determination and effort to prove ourselves as your best choice for machinery representation on the web. 

Sign up for your free trial and see the value in our system!  

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