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Used Foley Planer Moulder
Manufacturer: Foley Year: Location: Williamsport, PA
Model: Planer/Moulder Condition: Fair MA ID: P1S-04326
Used Bridgewood 15" Planer
Manufacturer: Bridgewood Year: 1992 Location: Williamsport, PA
Model: 15" Planer Condition: Fair MA ID: P1S-07144
Iida Mini Forte Planer, US0407
Manufacturer: IIDA Year: Location: Wauconda, IL
Model: Mini Forte SX-120 Condition: Very Good MA ID: P1S-07471
Used Delta 22-200 18" Planer
Manufacturer: Delta Year: 0 Location: Williamsport, PA
Model: 22-200 Condition: Fair MA ID: P1S-06533
Powermatic 18" Planer
Manufacturer: Powermatic Year: Location: West Chester, PA
Model: 180 Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-07416
General Planer
Manufacturer: General Year: Location: Abbotsford, BC
Model: 30-125CEHCMI Condition: Very Good MA ID: P1S-07456
Powermatic Model 160 16" Planer 7.5HP
Manufacturer: Powermatic Year: Location: Sarasota, FL
Model: 160 Condition: Fair MA ID: P1S-00945
Steton 20" Planer
Manufacturer: STETON Year: 0 Location: Hudson, NY
Model: 150 L Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-07211
Crescent P-24 24″ x 8″ Direct Drive Planer
Manufacturer: Crescent Year: Location: Stone Mountain, GA
Model: P-24 Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-06913
$2,750   *Sold*
Used Delta 22-450 Planer
Manufacturer: Delta Year: 0 Location: Williamsport, PA
Model: 22-450 Condition: Excellent MA ID: P1S-06546
$3,500   *Sold*
SCMI S520 Single-Sided Planer - Good Condition
Manufacturer: SCM (SCMI) Year: Location: Brighton, MI
Model: S520 Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-07008
$3,750   *Sold*
Powermatic 180 With Variable Feed Speed
Manufacturer: Powermatic Year: Location: Brighton, MI
Model: 180 Condition: MA ID: P1S-06989
Used Powermatic 180 Planer
Manufacturer: Powermatic Year: 1987 Location: Williamsport, PA
Model: 180 Condition: Fair MA ID: P1S-00122
Very Clean POWERMATIC 225
Manufacturer: Powermatic Year: Location: Matthews, NC
Model: 225 Condition: Very Good MA ID: P1S-06831
$4,950   *Sold*
Porter 715-A Facing Planer - Includes Knife Grinding Attachment
Manufacturer: Porter Year: Location: Brighton, MI
Model: 715-A Facing Planer Condition: MA ID: P1S-06987
RC-63-D 24" Planer, US0200
Manufacturer: Invicta Year: 1988 Location: Wauconda, IL
Model: RC-63-D Condition: Excellent MA ID: P1S-05382
Delta RC63D 24" Planer (Used)
Manufacturer: Other manufacturer Year: 1987 Location: Hudson, NY
Model: RC 63D-22610 Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-07210
SCMI 20" PLANER (Used)
Manufacturer: Other manufacturer Year: 1995 Location: Hudson, NY
Model: S52 Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-07209
Martin T43 Planer
Manufacturer: Martin Year: 1987 Location: Hudsonville, MI
Model: T43 Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-07235
Wadkin Bursgreen T630 Planer
Manufacturer: Wadkin Year: Location: Sheboygan, WI
Model: Condition: Good MA ID: P1S-05405
Items 1 - 25 of 40