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Used Delta 34794 Sliding Table Saw
Manufacturer: Delta Year: 1988 Location: Williamsport, PA
Model: 34794 Condition: Fair MA ID: PSS-04847
Jet ST-48 sliding tabla Delta 10" Unisaw
Manufacturer: Delta Year: Location: Hagerstown, IN
Model: Condition: MA ID: PSS-04142
Altendorf F-90 Sliding Table Saw
Manufacturer: Altendorf Year: 1994 Location: Jasper, IN
Model: F-90 Condition: Good MA ID: PSS-06365
Wadkin CP32 Sliding Table Panel Saw with Scoring Blade
Manufacturer: Wadkin Year: Location: Stone Mountain, GA
Model: CP32 Condition: Good MA ID: PSS-06697
SCMI SI-12SW Sliding Table Saw
Manufacturer: SCM (SCMI) Year: 0 Location: Bowling Green, KY
Model: SI-12SW Condition: Very Good MA ID: PSS-05748
Used SCM SI16 WA in fair condition
Manufacturer: SCM (SCMI) Year: 1992 Location: ,
Model: SI16 WA Condition: Fair MA ID: PSS-06441
Manufacturer: General Year: 2012 Location: Hudson, NY
Model: 50-560A Condition: Excellent MA ID: PSS-05611
Used Lazzari Juno 30001 Sliding Table Saw
Manufacturer: Lazzari Year: 2003 Location: Williamsport, PA
Model: Juno 30001 Condition: Fair MA ID: PSS-05789
$4,500   *Sold*
Used Delta DE 40 Sliding Table Saw
Manufacturer: Delta Year: 1989 Location: Williamsport, PA
Model: DE 40 Condition: Fair MA ID: PSS-06684
$4,500   *Sold*
Powermatic Sliding Table Saw (HPS67)
Manufacturer: Powermatic Year: Location: Blue Ball, PA
Model: HPS67 Condition: Very Good MA ID: PSS-06393
Manufacturer: Robland Year: Location: Matthews, NC
Model: Z-320 Condition: Good MA ID: PSS-06091
Manufacturer: Griggio Year: 0 Location: Blue Ball, PA
Model: SC3200 Condition: Good MA ID: PSS-05764
Altendorf F45
Manufacturer: Altendorf Year: Location: Fresno, CA
Model: F45 Condition: Fair MA ID: PSS-06668
Used Casolin Astra DGT-1 Sliding Table Saw
Manufacturer: Casolin Year: 1998 Location: Williamsport, PA
Model: Astra DGT-1 Condition: Good MA ID: PSS-06547
$7,500   *Sold*
Holz-Her 1243 Sliding Table Panel Saw
Manufacturer: HolzHer Year: 2003 Location: Sheboygan, WI
Model: 1243 Condition: Very Good MA ID: PSS-06138
$7,950   *Sold*
Used 2007 SCM Sliding Panel Saw
Manufacturer: SCM (SCMI) Year: 2007 Location: ,
Model: SI 400 E Nova Condition: Fair MA ID: PSS-06584
1243 Sliding Table Saw
Manufacturer: HolzHer Year: Location: Madison, WI
Model: 1243 Condition: Very Good MA ID: PSS-04569
Manufacturer: Kolle Year: 2001 Location: Hudson, NY
Model: Formatic Condition: Very Good MA ID: PSS-05564
$11,500   *Sold*
SCM SI400EZ+ Sliding Table Saw
Manufacturer: SCM (SCMI) Year: Location: Williamsport, PA
Model: SI400EZ+ Condition: Excellent MA ID: PSS-03268
Items 1 - 24 of 24