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ISO 30 Toolholders for ANDI CNC Router and or similar Very Clean
Manufacturer: Techniks Year: 0 Location: Charlotte, NC
Model: ISO 30 Toolholders for ANDI CNC Condition: Very Good MA ID: TOL-06110
Rietschle VFT 100-10 vacuum pump system
Manufacturer: Other manufacturer Year: 1994 Location: Nacogdoches, TX
Model: Rietchle VFT 100-10 Condition: Very Good MA ID: VP-04939
Manufacturer: Thermwood Year: Location: Matthews, NC
Model: Spindle Cartridge Condition: Excellent MA ID: RC3-05887
Manufacturer: Biesse Year: 2002 Location: Las Vegas, NV
Model: ROVER 24 S Condition: Poor MA ID: PTP-07901
Dynaseal Vacuum Pump - 300 CFM
Manufacturer: Travaini Year: 2000 Location: Nacogdoches, TX
Model: TRO-400S-1A Condition: Excellent MA ID: VP-06762
$5,600   *Sold*
Rietschle-Thomas 10HP Vacuum Pump, reman'd, US0415
Manufacturer: RIETSCHLE Year: 2007 Location: Wauconda, IL
Model: VTB250 Condition: Excellent MA ID: VP-07837
$6,250   *Sold*
Weeke Optimat BP 60 CNC Router
Manufacturer: Weeke Year: 2000 Location: Sheboygan, WI
Model: Optimat BP60 Condition: Good MA ID: RC3-07875
Manufacturer: Biesse Year: 2000 Location: Abbotsford, BC
Model: Rover 23 Condition: Very Good MA ID: PTP-07676
Busellato Optima CNC Router
Manufacturer: Busellato Year: 1996 Location: Sheboygan, WI
Model: Optima Condition: Good MA ID: RC3-06315
Soda NCW-516 CNC twin table Router
Manufacturer: Shoda Year: 1990 Location: Abbotsford, BC
Model: NCW-516 Condition: Good MA ID: RC3-02628
SCM Tech 99 CNC c/w tool change
Manufacturer: SCM (SCMI) Year: 2002 Location: Abbotsford, BC
Model: Tech 99 Condition: Good MA ID: RC3-07403
Used Biesse Rover 15 in Very Good Condition PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING
Manufacturer: Biesse Year: 2000 Location: New Westminster, BC
Model: Rover 15 Condition: Very Good MA ID: PTP-05958
SCM Tech 95 CNC Machining Center
Manufacturer: SCM (SCMI) Year: 1998 Location: Wauconda, IL
Model: Tech 95 Condition: Excellent MA ID: PTP-04919
Dekker "VMax" 25HP Vacuum Pump,
Manufacturer: Dekker Year: 2008 Location: Wauconda, IL
Model: VMX045KA1-00 Condition: Excellent MA ID: VP-05753
2000 Busellato Jet 3006
Manufacturer: Busellato Year: 2000 Location: Birmingham, AL
Model: Jet 3006 Condition: Good MA ID: PTP-07639
Rebuilt by Koch 2012
Manufacturer: Koch Year: 1998 Location: ,
Model: Sprint PTP Condition: MA ID: BGD-07801
Used SCM Tech 95 Borer
Manufacturer: SCM (SCMI) Year: 1998 Location: Williamsport, PA
Model: Tech 95 Condition: Fair MA ID: PTP-04852
Used Biesse Rover 20 Point-to-Point Borer
Manufacturer: Biesse Year: 1998 Location: Williamsport, PA
Model: Rover 20 Condition: Fair MA ID: PTP-06132
Biesse Rover 15
Manufacturer: Biesse Year: 1998
Model: Rover 15 Condition: Good MA ID: PTP-07859
Items 1 - 25 of 65